DEUTSCH Contact Crimping

How-to instruction video for Contact Crimping.

Contact Crimping

  1. Strip ¼” (6.3 mm) insulation from wire.
  2. Raise selector knob and rotate until arrow is aligned with wire size to be crimped.
  3. Loosen lock nut, turn adjusting screw in until it stops.
  4. Insert contact with barrel up. Turn adjusting screw counter clockwise until contact is flush with indentor cover. Tighten lock nut.
  5. Insert wire into contact. Contact must be centered between indicators. Close handles until crimp cycle is completed.
  6. Release handles and remove crimped contact.
  7. Inspect terminal to insure that all strands are in crimp barrel. NOTE: Tool must be readjusted for each type/size of contact.

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