TE Connectivity’s (TE) DT-XT connector Series are the newest addition to our well established DEUTSCH connector product portfolio. More advanced sealing materials and covalent bonding increase the flexibility of our DT-XT connector series. These lead to improved tear resistance and seal positioning, while a rear seal cover protects against water ingress.

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Accelerating Hybrid & Electric Mobility in Commercial Transportation

Electrification of the powertrain and accessory applications for trucks, buses, construction, agricultural & recreational vehicles is taking the commercial transportation industry by storm. It requires reliability in harsh environment connectivity, optimized design of scalable sub-systems and application support for integrated component solutions.

High Voltage Connector Kits – Easy-to-Order Solutions

Selecting all the needed components for a high voltage connector assembly can sometimes be challenging and placing the orders for all these individual parts is time consuming. With our new kits all these needed components come in one package. The kits are available for AMP+ HVA 280, AMP+ HVA 630, AMP+ HVP 800, AMP+ HVP 1100, and AMP+ IPT solutions.

Webinar Opportunity – Connectors for Harsh Conditions

Tough Jobs? Harsh Environments? Selecting the right connectors to use for harsh operating environments and critical applications can be challenging. Join our product experts to learn how DEUTSCH ruggedized connector systems are used for the toughest jobs to keep your commercial vehicles running, saving you time and money. Watch our on-demand webinar now.

Next Generation DEUTSCH 2/3 Position DT Snap-Cap Connectors

TE’s DEUTSCH DT connectors have been making secure connections in harsh industrial and commercial transportation environments for over thirty years. Now, TE is introducing 32 new 2/3 position DT snap-cap wire-to-wire plug and receptacle connector products, all from the most trusted supplier in the commercial vehicle industry. This means that the DT 2/3 series now includes three versions – the existing standard version, the welded seal cover and our innovative new snap-cap design. Learn more on

AMP MCP 18P Monoblock Connectors – Secure and Easy-to-assemble

The AMP MCP 18P monoblock connector is the newest addition to TE’s extensive product portfolio of unsealed AMP MCP connectors. Made of flame-retardant UL 94 V-0 material, this connector is the perfect solution for bulkhead, in-cabin and fuse & relay box applications. It offers a reduced mating force below 75 N and can be easily used for new and existing designs. Learn more on

DEUTSCH DTSK Connectors – Easy-to-use, Single-Pole Connectors

DEUTSCH DTSK connectors are sealed connectors, designed for either inline or pass-through (with mounting flange) power applications. These heavy-duty thermoplastic connectors accept size Ø8mm contacts that are rated up to 125 amps. Single wire seals and a rear protective cover are designed to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from contaminating connections. Learn more on


Commercial vehicle designers are increasingly introducing advanced functionality, which was previously developed for passenger vehicles. Driver assistance and automation, infotainment options, 360-degree camera systems, high speed V2V and V2I communication, and a wide range of essential safety features are now being integrated into commercial vehicles as well.

HDSCS Extension – Our growing rugged connector series

The Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series is a growing product line that offers a high level of design flexibility for applications where sealed, rugged connections are needed. HDSCS connectors offer several cavity arrangements and mixed wire sizes. The rugged, thermoplastic connectors have a secondary lock with poke-yoke feature and can be used for in-line or flange mount applications. HDSCS connectors are available in five housing sizes and four keying options.

TE Terminal Cutter

The TE Terminal Cutter tool enables operators to easily cut side-feed, front-carrier terminal strips and reels. This gives customers the ability to create loose piece terminals with precision.

AMP MCP 9.5 Two Position Connectors

TE Connectivity’s (TE) high-power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed for harsh environments in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections.

Power Distribution Solutions

TE Connectivity’s sealed direct wire ISO fuse and relay enclosure products control and distribute the current flow within a vehicle’s electric power network. They are available in several arrangements and are easy to mount by their optional flanges or by using DEUTSCH or AMPSEAL 16 connector mounting clips.

Solutions for Two-Wheelers

Whether it’s motorcycles, e-bikes, scooters, or Segways, TE is developing the connectivity solutions that will make two-wheeler vehicles greener and more connected.

Jiffy Splice

TE Connectivity’s Jiffy Splice products offer a unique single terminal solution, which is designed to protect connections from dirt, dust, and water immersion up to three feet. 


TE Connectivity’s Detector, a part of the DEUTSCH DT series, has an integrated LED that helps with troubleshooting. The environmentally sealed connector has a transparent housing that allows quick visual diagnosis.

Sealed Mini Fuse Holder

TE Connectivity’s compact, IP67 rated, two position mini fuse holder accepts AMP MCP 2.8 contacts and can be mounted using standard DEUTSCH DT and AMPSEAL 16 connector mounting clips. This sealed mini fuse holder is engineered for reliability in applications where failure is not an option.

DT Series B016 Modification

The B016 receptacle modification helps prevent mis-mating. The B016 is available for the DT 12 way connectors, DT13/15, and DTF13/15 PCB connectors. In addition to the four keying positions (A, B, C, or D) and color coding, the B016 enhancement gives the user both visual and tactile proof of correct mating.

DT Series Dust Caps

The DT series dust caps are made of either thermoplastic or durable plastisol and are designed to provide protection for the connector interface when the two halves are not mated. The plastisol caps, available for plugs and receptacles, are ideal for providing temporary protection from dirt, dust, and paint overspray. The thermoplastic caps provide an environmental seal for an unmated plug.

DTM & DTMH High Temperature Connectors

The DTM series EE04 modification and DTMH series connectors are environmentally sealed, high temperature connectors capable of operating in temperatures -55° to +150°C. They accept size 20 contacts and carry 7.5 amps each.

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