KISSLING Specialty Relays with Control Electronics and/or Time Delay Function

This single coil system relay features high shock and vibration resistance resulting from careful design and an optimized magnetic circuit. The sealing technology used in these relays meets or exceeds both the IP67 and IP6K9K (steam pressure cleaning) protection standards. These relays are well suited for various applications in severe conditions on commercial vehicles, buses, construction & agricultural vehicles, aircraft, ground support equipment and lift trucks. Other important advantages are low heat generation in the contact area based on low contact voltage drop, a compact design, low holding current, silver alloy contact material and the use of mechanical and high thermal stability insulating compounds. Both the terminals and housing are protected against corrosion.

Series 87 ADR Master Battery Switch

  • 1PDT-NO/NC
  • Main contact current rated for 200 A / 300 A continuous current (model dependent) and 100% duty cycle
  • Rated for minimum 50,000 switching cycles under full load
  • Mechanical life tested for 100,000 mechanical cycles
  • IP67 / IP6K9K sealing; ISO 16750-3 shock & vibration resistant
  • Rated for -40ºC to +85ºC environmental operating temperature

Series 88 Battery Cut-Off Relay

  • 300 A continuous current
  • LIN-Bus compatible remote control electronics
  • Integrated mono-stable relay with coil economizer
  • Bi-stable relay version available on request

Series 85 Time Delay Relay

  • 1PDT-NO/N
  • Main contact current rated for 10 A continuous current and 100% duty cycle
  • Rated for minimum 100,000 switching cycles under full load
  • Mechanical life tested for 200,000 mechanical cycles
  • IP54 sealing
  • Time delay programmable from 100 ms to 24 hours
  • Rated for -40ºC bto +85ºC environmental operating temperature
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