KISSLING Series 31 Bi-Stable Relays with Internal Control Electronics

The innovative Series 31 bi-stable relay was developed using our extensive competence and know how gathered over decades of manufacturing high-end power relays to meet even the most difficult operating requirements.

This bi-stable relay is based on the Series 30 industrial relay and has all of the same quality mechanical and electrical switching characteristics but also features additional electronic functions for pulse protection of the coil, a low energy switching input for direct connection to an ECU, as well as an optional “energy” function for fail safe shutoff when power is lost. This relay is particularly well suited for battery management and power distribution applications on commercial vehicles, buses, construction and agricultural vehicles, aircraft, ground support equipment and lift trucks. Other important advantages include a two pin coil control which allows this relay to serve as a drop in replacement for a mono-stabile relay in application where the power drain of a mono-stabile relay is an issue. The electronic functions directly coupled to the relay not only reduces peripheral circuitry and costs in the vehicle itself, but also improves safety levels in critical switching applications. The Series 31 offering includes power relays in nominal voltages of 12 & 24 V and nominal continuous amperages of from 200 Amps to 300 Amps. Detailed information regarding the various types is available on request. Custom relays can be developed in accordance to client specifications.

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Series 31 Bi-Stable Technical Data

  • Main contact current rated for continuous current and 100% duty cycle
  • Rated for minimum 100,000 switching cycles under full load
  • Mechanical life tested for 2 million mechanical cycles
  • 6G shock & 4G vibration resistant
  • Rated for -40 ⁰F to +185 ⁰F environmental operating temperature

Series 31 Bi-Stable Application Areas

  • Power Distribution
  • Remote Battery Disconnect
  • Battery Management
  • HVAC Control
  • Auxiliary Power Systems
  • Battery Charge/Discharge Monitoring

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