The AMPSEAL 16 Connector System is targeted for off-road, heavy duty industrial, recreational and agricultural applications. This wire-to-wire and wire-to-device connector line was designed to meet the rigorous demands of an industry that requires the highest standards in performance.

The AMPSEAL 16 receptacle and pin housings come fully assembled, offering a one-piece approach for applied cost savings. Both housings feature integral wire seals, wire seal covers, and primary latch reinforcement (PLR).

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AMPSEAL 16 Series Dimensions

AMPSEAL 16 Dimensions

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AMPSEAL 16 Series Configurations

AMPSEAL 16 Configurations

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Performance Specifications


Up to 13 amps


Operating at temperatures -40° C to +125° C


See Note. 50 cycles.

Insulation Resistance

20 megohms minimum. SAE J2030 6.3. Insulation resistance at 1000 volts DC adjacent terminals measured after 60 seconds or until stabilization occurs.


IP67 rating

Random Vibration

No discontinuities. See Note. EIA-364-28 Subject mated specimens to 21 G’s rms between 25 to 200 Hz. Twenty hours in each of three mutually perpendicular planes.


250 volts DC

Note: Shall meet visual requirements, show no physical damage, and meet requirements of additional tests as specified in the Product Qualification and Requalification Test Sequence in Figure 3 of TE product document 108-2184.

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