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Features & Details

  • Series: DTM Series
  • Cavities: 12
  • Contact Size: 20
  • Current Rating: 7.5

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Technical Details

Technical Details

Part Number:DTM13-12PA-GR01
Series:DTM Series
Wire Size:20
Keyed:Yes, A key
Connector Style:Receptacle
Contact Size:20
Special Features:90° molded gold pins
Current Rating:7.5
Holds Pin/Socket:Pin
Modification:PCB Enclosure Header
Flange/In-line/PCB Mount:PCB

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Product Drawings

Drawings and diagrams associated with DTM13-12PA-GR01.

Mating Connectors

Mating Connectors

The products below are common mating connectors for DTM13-12PA-GR01 (if applicable).
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  • DTM06-12SA
    Series: DTM Series
    Cavities: 12
    Contact Size: 20
    Current Rating: 7.5

  • DTM06-12SA-E003
    Series: DTM Series
    Cavities: 12
    Contact Size: 20
    Current Rating: 7.5

  • DTM06-12SA-E007
    Series: DTM Series
    Cavities: 12
    Contact Size: 20
    Current Rating: 7.5

Family/Series Overview

DTM Series Overview

DEUTSCH DTM Series connectors are the answer to all of your smaller wire gauge applications. Building on the DT design strengths, the DTM connector line was developed to fill the need for lower amperage, multi- pin, inexpensive connectors. The DTM Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 20 contacts, each with 7.5 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.

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TE Connectivity's Industrial and Commercial Transportation connectors are available in a variety of materials, shapes, wire gauge options, cavity counts and mounting options to suit a wide range of applications.

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