TE Terminal Cutter

The TE Terminal Cutter tool enables operators to easily cut side-feed, front-carrier terminal strips and reels. This gives customers the ability to create loose piece terminals with precision.

The TE Terminal Cutter is purpose-built tool with the single objective of making loose piece terminals from strips and reels. It helps avoid damaging products or creating sharp burs that are commonly associated with using traditional wire snips or other cutting tools


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Light weight, ergonomic design
  • Simple operation, ease-of-use
  • High strength cut-off anvil and sheer
  • Precision cutting one terminal at-a-time reduces waste
  • Manual feed with slide-on guiding mechanism
  • Adjustable tool accommodates side-feed front-carrier terminal strips of varying sizes. Tool is not designed to cut end-feed, center-carrier or dual-carrier terminal strips
  • Low introductory price
  • Ergonomic design with enough handle force to manage larger terminal sizes
  • Simple adjustment features to accommodate varying terminal heights, depths and carrier strip lengths

* This is a cutting tool only. Crimping tools sold separately.


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