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During the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are here to support our customers while ensuring the health and safety of our employees. LADD continues to make efforts to ensure smooth operations and the health and safety of our employees globally by deploying pandemic preparedness plans that include actions centered around people safety, business operations, supply chain integrity and technology processes.

Business Continuity

Some examples relevant to the current COVID-19 response include:

  • Pandemic preparedness and response plans developed internally and vetted through external medical experts who specialize in infectious diseases
  • Comprehensive, multi-lingual environmental health, hygiene, safety, and incident response guides and employee awareness programs
  • Global personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles and usage/deployment guides
  • Alternative facility, remote work plans and technology implementation guidelines

While this situation is unprecedented, we take business continuity very seriously. We review our plans regularly, exercise and test teams at least once per year, and partner with external third-party consulting firms and subject matter experts to validate our program.

Our LADD teams and customer service agents are available to support your connectivity needs.


Employee Safety

The health and safety of our employees and those around us is our top priority. As the virus has spread around the world, we have:

  • Instituted global travel restrictions
  • Enhanced on-site sanitation and processes including access to soap, sanitizer, cleansing wipes and face masks
  • Expanded flexible work arrangements
  • Made other changes aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19

Travel, Meetings, and Visitors

All non-essential international travel and most in-nation business travel is prohibited. And any team meetings or group activities that bring employees together from multiple areas are limited to only essential, customer-critical matters. If employees have personal travel to restricted locations, they must inform their manager and must self-quarantine for 14 days after their trip has been completed, per recommendation by health organizations. We are asking that all outside visits be postponed to a later date and have implemented strict guidelines around any visit that cannot be delayed.



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