AMPSEAL 16 Hybrid Lever

TE Connectivity’s AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever is a sealed connector system that features a lever slide mechanism for mating and a slide in mounting clip. The mix of 24 size 16 and 4 size 12 terminals creates design flexibility for use in various vehicle applications.

The tool-less mounting design, environmental protection, and temporary panel retention latches; which temporarily hold the connector in place for one person mounting through the panel; all reduce application cost and assembly time.


  • Hybrid pin out arrangement; size 16 and size 12 terminals
  • Lever slide mating mechanism
  • Keying options
  • Same wire cover for plug and cap
  • Mounting clips for different panel thickness
  • Drop-and-slide mounting clip

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Description Part Number
Plug assembly, A key 2138839-1
Plug assembly, B key 2138839-2
Cap assembly, A key 2138846-1
Cap assembly, B key 2138846-2
Wire Cover 2138853-1
Mounting clip, 5 mm panel 2138852-1
Mounting clip, 4 mm panel 2138852-2
Mounting clip, 3 mm panel 2138852-3

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