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DEUTSCH DTSK Connectors – Easy-to-use, Single-Pole Connectors

DEUTSCH DTSK connectors are sealed connectors, designed for either inline or pass-through (with mounting flange) power applications. These heavy-duty thermoplastic connectors accept size Ø8mm contacts that are rated up to 125 amps. Single wire seals and a rear protective cover are designed to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from contaminating connections. Learn more on


Commercial vehicle designers are increasingly introducing advanced functionality, which was previously developed for passenger vehicles. Driver assistance and automation, infotainment options, 360-degree camera systems, high speed V2V and V2I communication, and a wide range of essential safety features are now being integrated into commercial vehicles as well.

HDSCS Extension – Our growing rugged connector series

The HDSCS connector series is a growing product line that offers a high level of design flexibility for applications where sealed, rugged connections are needed. HDSCS connectors offer several cavity arrangements and mixed wire sizes. The rugged, thermoplastic connectors have a secondary lock with poke-yoke feature and can be used for in-line or flange mount applications. HDSCS connectors are available in five housing sizes and four keying options.